My Fiddle Heroes (and some other musical heroes)
Halali - wicked awsome fiddle band
Hanneke Cassel - fiddler, mentor and friend

Lissa Schneckenburger- Old time fiddler
Laura Cortese - another fiddler, mentor and friend
Alasdair Fraser- My fiddle hero, also a really funny guy
Natalie Haas- Great cellist, and a really nice person
Brittany Haas- Wow, she is an awsome fiddler , and she is still in high school
Catriona MacDonald- From the Shetland Islands, yet another fiddler 
Rushad Eggleston- Cello Dude!
Jeremy Kittel- Great fiddler
Casey Driessen- Master of the "CHOP"
Natalie MacMaster- Can fiddle and dance at the same time
Crooked Still- Wow, they're amazing!
Flynn Cohen- THE guitarist from HALALI
Jake Armerding- Awsome musician, and a great person!
Mark O'Connor- Another hero of mine
Bruce Molsky- Excellant fiddler, and a great guy!
The Wrigley Sisters- Dynamic fiddle and guitar duo!
Rodney Miller- Plays the fiddle AND makes them!
Laura Risk- Another excellant fiddler from Montreal....she is also a wonderful person!
Jerry Holland- Very talented at playing the Cape Breton fiddle and writing tunes...check out this site!

People that I perform with
The Resonators- Wicked awsome band that I perform with occasionally
Abbie MacQuarrie- Fellow 5A.M. member, she can dance AND play the fiddle, now that is what I call talent!
Eden Forman- Another great friend of mine, she can also dance and play the fiddle!
Crossfire Bluegrass Band - Traditional Bluegrass

Some camps that I attend (and some I don't, but they are still good)

Boston Harbor Scottish Fiddle School- Another terrific fiddle camp, great place to go during the summer.

Valley of the Moon- Amazing fiddle camp, I went there for the first time during the summer of 2004, and I can't wait to go back!

Mark O'Connor's Fiddle Camp- Great place to go during the summer

Fiddle Makers

Otis Thomas- This is someone I should most definately mention. He makes great fiddles, he actually made mine, and I absolutely love it! Thank you Otis!



Club Passim- Awesome place to relax and enjoy the music. Nightly concerts with weekly open mic nights.

Liam's Pub- What can I say? This place has awesome food and really good music.

Common Fence Point- This is the best place ever. You can bring your own food and eat while watching and awesome show. What could be better?