Tiffany Rozenas   Celtic Fiddler

Tiffany has been playing the fiddle since she was 9-years-old, starting at the suggestion of her best friend. She started out taking classical lessons, but soon discovered that classical music was not for her. She then decided to explore other kinds of fiddle styles including Bluegrass and Old Time. She even tried Irish music with a great fiddler from Cape Cod, Billy Hardy. For several years she explored Celtic fiddle music with her fiddle heroes Hanneke Cassel and Laura Cortese, both excellent fiddlers from the Boston area. Since then Tiffany has attended many fiddle camps including Gaelic Roots, Boston Harbor Fiddle School, Valley of the Moon Fiddle School in California, Mark O'Conners Fiddle Camp in Tennessee, and the Berklee String Fling which is held annually at Berklee College of Music.

She has also enjoyed playing with The Resonators (a great string band), Crossfire Bluegrass Band, and 5 A.M. (a group of 5 teenage fiddlers from the Boston area). She has also performed at a variety of places including the Joe Davies Folk Festival, Rochester Grange Fair, Trowbridge Tavern, Bluegrass on the Bogs, and the Rochester Country Fair Pig Roast. You can also find her at the annual Fiddlers and Fisherman held at Common Fence Point Coffee House, Plymouth Farmer's Market, Marshfield Farmer's Market, and Carver Farmer's Market.

During the summer Tiffany has great success traveling all over New England to compete in fiddle contests including the New England Fiddle Contest, New Hampshire Highland Games Fiddle Contest, Stark Fiddle Contest, East Benton Fiddle Contest, New Boston Fiddle Contest, Meetinghouse Park Fiddle Contest, and Rochester Country Fair Fiddle Contest. When she is home from college, she teaches fiddle to a number of students. In December of 2008, Tiffany released her first album entitled, "It's About Time". Soon after, Tiffany had the honor of being nominated for Motif Magazine's Celtic act of the year in the Spring of 2009. On occasion, you can catch Tiffany at one of the local open mics including Café Arpeggio which is held every Thursday night in New Bedford and The Guthrie Center (Arlo Guthrie's church in Western Massachusetts).